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The Company isi na ngwaahịa ndị onwe-ọrụ kiosks, nile na-na-na-PC, akpaka tiketi PC, n'èzí digital signage, Ikanam mmekọrịta board, free guzoro digital signage, mgbidi ugwu digital LCD, Ikanam video mgbidi na ahaziri onwe-ọrụ ọnụ na ndị ọzọ ngwaahịa maka dị iche iche ọrụ.

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Guangzhou Chujie Ozi Technology Co., Ltd. bụ a mba elu-tech enterprise ọkachamara mmepe na mmepụta nke azụmahịa aka ịchịkwa na ngwá na onwe-ọrụ ọnụ. Ọ na-agba mbọ iji na-enye ọkachamara aka onwe-ọrụ ngwọta maka dị iche iche ọrụ. Ọ nwere ya ika: KER.

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Self-service Touch All-in-one Kiosk Enhance Hotel Image

In recent years, all-in-ones have rapidly matured and the application range has become wider and wider. In some areas, all-in-ones have replaced traditional models. The all-in-one touch machine is composed of advanced touch screen, motherboard, memory, hard disk, graphics card and other electroni...

KER Self-service Ticket Vending Kiosk-To Build Smarter Entertainment Places

Recently, KER manufactured self-service ticket kiosk for our customer. It’s a customized machine according to their needs. The construction of smart places is currently an attention that is widely concerned by the society, and it is also a goal that is constantly pursued on many occasions. ...

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