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Quod Company principalis products sunt auto-ministerium kiosks, omnes-in-unum PC, ipso tessera PC, velit digital signage, duxerunt interactive tabula, liberum sto digital signage, murum ascendere digital LCD, LED video murum, et nativus sui ministerium terminatio quod aliud variis products et industries.

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Guangzhou Chujie Information Lorem Co, Ltd est a nationalibus progressionem summus tech inceptum specialiter in productio et de commercial auto-tactus potestatem et officium apparatu terminales. Factum est credita sunt providente solutiones ad muneris professionales auto-tactus variis industrias. Sic se habet notam, Ker.

Company News

Self-service Touch All-in-one Kiosk Enhance Hotel Image

In recent years, all-in-ones have rapidly matured and the application range has become wider and wider. In some areas, all-in-ones have replaced traditional models. The all-in-one touch machine is composed of advanced touch screen, motherboard, memory, hard disk, graphics card and other electroni...

KER Self-service Ticket Vending Kiosk-To Build Smarter Entertainment Places

Recently, KER manufactured self-service ticket kiosk for our customer. It’s a customized machine according to their needs. The construction of smart places is currently an attention that is widely concerned by the society, and it is also a goal that is constantly pursued on many occasions. ...

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