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Awọn Ile akọkọ awọn ọja wa ni ara-iṣẹ kióósi, gbogbo-ni-ọkan PC, laifọwọyi tiketi PC, gbangba oni signage, LED ibanisọrọ ọkọ, free imurasilẹ oni signage, odi òke oni LCD, LED fidio odi ati adani ara-iṣẹ ebute ati awọn miiran awọn ọja fun orisirisi ise.

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Kí nìdí Yan Wa

Guangzhou Chujie Information Technology Co., Ltd. ni a orilẹ-ga-tekinoloji kekeke olumo ni idagbasoke ati gbóògì ti owo ifọwọkan Iṣakoso itanna ati awọn ara-iṣẹ TTY. O ti wa ni ileri lati pese ọjọgbọn ifọwọkan ara-iṣẹ solusan fun orisirisi ise. O ni o ni awọn oniwe-ara brand: KER.

Company News

Unattended Intelligent Visitor System Visitors Can Freely Enter And Exit After Self-registration

Modern visitor management of companies is no longer simply paper-based registration as before. In order to cope with the increasingly complex security requirements, many offices have implemented intelligent management to effectively ensure the stability and order of entrances and exits. In the in...

What Benefits Can Hospital Self-service Terminals Bring To People?

Now many hospitals have installed multi-functional self-service terminals for hospitals, which can achieve multiple functions such as card issuance, recharge, inquiry, and printing, without waiting for nurses to call numbers and repeat queuing. With self-service terminals in hospitals, patients n...

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