Achieve Huge Screen HD Horizon-Intelligent Splicing Screen

The splicing screen is a complete finished product and the installation is as simple as building blocks. The edges of the splicing screen are only 3.5-9mm wide. The surface of the splicing screen also has a protective layer of tempered glass, a built-in intelligent temperature control alarm circuit and a unique cooling system. Splicing screens are not only for digital signal input, but also very unique support for analog signals. In addition, there are many splicing screen signal interfaces. Using splicing screen technology to achieve simultaneous access of analog signals and digital signals. Splicing screen series products use the world’s most advanced digital processing technology allows users to truly experience the full HD large screen effect.



1. Long lifetime. With the advancement of science and technology, the service life of LCD products can reach more than 50,000 hours. At present, the mainstream LED backlight technology in the market has basically got rid of the restrictions of the CCFL backlight era, and its service life can reach more than 100,000 hours, the brightness can reach 1000 lumens, and the light source won’t get dimmer

after long-term use.

2. Wide viewing angles. For the early LCD products, the viewing angle used to be a big problem restricting the liquid crystal, but with the continuous progress of LCD technology, this problem has been completely solved. Like the splicing screen using DID and IPS technology, its viewing angle can reach an unprecedented 178 degrees.

3. High resolution. According to the current mainstream market technology, the physical resolution of liquid crystal displays can easily reach the retinal level that cannot be distinguished by the naked eye, the brightness and contrast of liquid crystals are very high, the colors are bright and bright, and the image is stable and does not flicker.

4. Ultra-thin and lightweight. The liquid crystal has the characteristics of thin thickness and light weight, and can be easily spliced and installed. The 55-inch special LCD screen weighs only 30KG with a thickness less than 11 cm.

5. Low power consumption. Liquid crystal display equipment has low power and low heat. Only 3W in standby.

6. Low failure rate. Liquid crystal is currently the most stable and reliable display device. Due to the small amount of heat generated, the device is stable and will not cause failure because of excessive temperature rise of the components.

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Post time: Dec-12-2019