All-in-one Meeting Machine, Adding Intelligence To Conference

The conference all-in-one machine integrates multiple functions such as a projector, an electronic whiteboard, and a TV into one machine. It is an office equipment specially designed for meetings, and is also called an intelligent conference all-in-one machine. Its appearance design is mainly integrated, with a simple business appearance, and an ultra-thin body. USB ports are set on the front, bottom, and sides of the device, which can meet the demand for simultaneous access by multiple people in a meeting. At the same time, compared with traditional conference equipment, the conference all-in-one machine also has the following advantages.

1. Simple design, flexible installation

The appearance design of the whole machine structure integration, ultra-thin body, deduces a simple business appearance. Multiple USB ports are set on the bottom and side of the device to meet the needs of multiple access in the meeting. The installation method is flexible and changeable, can be wall-mounted, can be matched with a mobile stand, does not require strict installation conditions, and is suitable for various conference environments.

2. Wireless screen transmission, two-way operation

Participants no longer need to project through the data cable, and can realize wireless projection through screen transmission accessories, and can be compatible with all devices.Whether they use smartphones, tablets or computers, they can wirelessly transmit PowerPoint and other files to the meeting with one click. One machine. What’s even more amazing is that the wireless screen transmission device can realize the two-way operation between the PC and the all-in-one. As long as the computer is operated in the reverse direction on the conference all-in-one device, it can realize PPT page turning and annotation and other actions, or easily complete file switching. Show, participants can move more freely, and the meeting is more compact and smooth.

3. Smooth writing, intelligent interaction

Supports multi-touch, no need to rely on keyboard and mouse input, you can directly use your finger or touch pen to annotate and write on PPT, WORD and other documents, with low writing delay, follow the pen speed, and the writing experience is vivid and user-friendly touch Gesture design, move, zoom out, eraser and other functions can be switched at your fingertips. When you touch the screen in a large area, you can quickly call the blackboard eraser function. At the same time, you can save the notes and documents of the meeting with one key, which is convenient for viewing after the meeting. In the interaction design, we strive not to miss any details to create an extraordinary meeting experience. To

4. Remote conference, the same screen in different places

Now up to 86 inches high-definition display screen, delicate texture, ultra-wide viewing angle, compared with traditional video equipment, the viewing distance is greatly extended. The front speaker makes the sound pickup clearer in the meeting. There is no need to lay expensive video conference dedicated line network, through the built-in wifi, only ordinary network can realize high-definition, smooth and stable remote video conference. In the remote meeting mode, the screen can be shared in real time in different places, and the whiteboard function supports two-way graffiti operation, multi-party discussion and real-time interaction.

At present, the era of meeting intelligence has arrived. The large-screen meeting all-in-one machine is not only simple and convenient, but also the work efficiency of the meeting, meeting information display, result recording and user experience will be greatly improved.



Post time: Mar-20-2021