Android Network Interactive Information Capacitive Touch Screen Self Service Print Terminal Kiosk

Android network interactive information capacitive touch screen self-service printing terminal information kiosk has many advantages, mainly including the following:

Convenient and fast: Users can easily browse information, query materials, and complete printing tasks through the touch screen, without waiting in line for manual service, saving time.

Self-service: Users can choose the services and information they need independently, regardless of time and location, providing 24/7 uninterrupted service.

Versatility: Terminal devices usually integrate multiple functions, such as information query, printing, payment, etc., to meet the diverse needs of users.

Cost saving: Self-service terminals can reduce labor costs and improve efficiency, which is a cost-saving way for enterprises.

Data security: The input and processing of user information on self-service terminals can be more secure and controllable, reducing the risk of information leakage.

User experience: Provides a more intelligent and convenient service method, improves user experience, and strengthens the interaction between users and enterprises.

Information sharing: More information can be displayed to users through the terminal to promote information sharing and dissemination.

In general, the Android network interactive information capacitive touch screen self-service printing terminal information kiosk combines information services with technology to provide a more convenient, efficient and intelligent service experience, which plays a positive role in improving user satisfaction and corporate image.

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Guangzhou Chujie Information Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development and production ofhuman-computer interaction equipment and selF-service terminals with it’s own-brand KER.

We have a professional product line andstrict quality management standards. With a professional technical service team and industry consulting team, we have leading productdesign and research and development capabilities.

After nearly ten years of industry accunulation and technology precipitation, the company has become a core service provider and solution provider for mainstream applications.

Gradually grows into a well-known brand in the touch industry and has won the“The National High-Tech Enterprise”“Outstanding Suppliers Of GovernmentProcurement’, “The Heavy Contract,Keep Promise AAA Level Enterprise” and other honors.

We possess dozens of patents and software copy rights. Our products are widely used in industrial and commercial tax affairs, adminitrative senvice centers, banks, medicals, hotels,communications, stations, airports, scenic spots, cinemas, specialty stores, schools, factories and other industries, with over 10,0oapplication cases worldwide.


Post time: Apr-02-2024