Interactive Automatic Touch Screen Ordering Machine Self Service Print Terminal Kiosk

Interactive automatic touch screen ordering machines and self-printing terminals have many advantages in the catering industry and other fields, including:

Improved efficiency: Customers can choose menus, place orders and pay independently through the touch screen, which reduces the time and errors of manual ordering and improves overall service efficiency.

Reduced costs: Reduces labor costs, does not require additional waiters for ordering and checkout operations, and reduces operating costs.

Reduce queuing time: Customers can order directly on the ordering machine without waiting in line for a waiter, which shortens customer waiting time and improves customer experience.

Customized service: The ordering machine can provide a personalized ordering experience according to the needs of customers, such as providing recommended menus based on dietary preferences to meet the needs of different customers.

Accuracy: Self-service ordering can reduce human errors, ensure order accuracy, and improve customer satisfaction.

Data collection: Ordering machines can collect customer order data, help merchants analyze sales data and customer preferences, and provide data support for marketing and business decisions.

Enhance brand image: The introduction of advanced self-service ordering technology can demonstrate the company’s innovation and service level, enhance the brand image, and attract more customers.


Guangzhou Chujie Information Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the development and production ofhuman-computer interaction equipment and selF-service terminals with it’s own-brand KER.

We have a professional product line andstrict quality management standards. With a professional technical service team and industry consulting team, we have leading productdesign and research and development capabilities.

After nearly ten years of industry accunulation and technology precipitation, the company has become a core service provider and solution provider for mainstream applications.

Gradually grows into a well-known brand in the touch industry and has won the“The National High-Tech Enterprise”“Outstanding Suppliers Of GovernmentProcurement’, “The Heavy Contract,Keep Promise AAA Level Enterprise” and other honors.

We possess dozens of patents and software copy rights. Our products are widely used in industrial and commercial tax affairs, adminitrative senvice centers, banks, medicals, hotels,communications, stations, airports, scenic spots, cinemas, specialty stores, schools, factories and other industries, with over 10,0oapplication cases worldwide.


Post time: Apr-12-2024