Interactive Self Service Ordering Wall Mounted Floor Standing Order Kiosk Automaticed Ticket Machine With Pos

With the improvement of people’s living standards and changes in consumption concepts, more and more people have begun to accept self-service ordering machines. Compared with the traditional restaurant service mode, the ordering machine has the following advantages:

Improve customer dining efficiency: Traditional ordering services require waiting for waiters to come to order food, but self-service ordering machines do not need to wait. Customers can choose dishes and quantities independently, and pay conveniently and quickly, saving a lot of time.

Reduce the workload of waiters: The traditional restaurant service mode requires a large number of waiters to order and deliver food, while the self-service ordering machine can transfer part of the manpower required by waiters to other important work areas.

Prevent misunderstandings between waiters and customers: Since the self-service ordering machine is directly connected to the background system of the restaurant, it completely avoids ordering errors or noise disturbances caused by negligence of the waiters, which can improve the accuracy of ordering. It also reduces unnecessary communication costs between waiters and customers.

Better data analysis and fine-grained management: Through self-service ordering machines, restaurants can better obtain, analyze, and utilize customer behavior data, so as to formulate more refined marketing strategies, so that restaurants can also achieve customer satisfaction while attracting customers. Maximization of turnover and profit.

Therefore, self-service ordering machines can improve customers’ dining experience, reduce restaurant operating costs, and bring great convenience and benefits to restaurant operations.

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Post time: May-30-2023