KER Self-service Ticket Vending Kiosk-To Build Smarter Entertainment Places

Recently, KER manufactured self-service ticket kiosk for our customer. It’s a customized machine according to their needs.

The construction of smart places is currently an attention that is widely concerned by the society, and it is also a goal that is constantly pursued on many occasions. How to build smart venues? In the case of museums, many methods have been adopted in order to build smart venues, but I think to build a smart museum, launching an online self-service ticket vending machine is the first step.
The self-service ticket vending kiosk adopts an unattended self-service ticket purchasing mode. Visitors can purchase tickets on the self-service machine by themselves and operate according to the prompts. They can quickly get tickets with only a few steps. It is worth mentioning that the use of self-service ticket vending machines to purchase tickets supports online payments such as WeChat pay, Alipay, and UnionPay, which is in line with the payment habits of most people and allows tourists to have a better ticket buying experience.

Of course, some museums may not need to sell tickets, but the self-service ticket kiosk can also achieve the purpose of personnel flow restriction, which is convenient for daily inquiries and statistics of personnel entering and exiting, and later datas can be exported, which is more convenient for management. Self-service ticket vending machines have played a great role during the epidemic in the past two years and have been sought after on many occasions.




Post time: Jun-28-2021