Restaurant 23.6 Inch Self Service Order Kiosk Self-Service Ordering Kiosk

The advantages of using 23.6-inch self-service ordering machines in restaurants include:

Improve efficiency: Self-service ordering machines can reduce the manual ordering process, speed up ordering, and reduce customer waiting time, thus improving overall dining efficiency.

Reduce labor costs: Using self-service ordering machines can reduce labor requirements, save restaurant labor costs, and free employees from the ordering stage so that they can be better used for other services.

Accuracy: Customers can select dishes, make notes and place orders directly on the self-service ordering machine, which reduces ordering errors caused by human factors and improves order accuracy.

Customization options: Through the self-service ordering machine, customers can easily view the menu, select flavors, and add specific requirements to meet personalized dietary needs and improve consumer satisfaction.

Multi-language support: The self-service ordering machine can provide a multi-language interface to facilitate international customers’ ordering and eliminate language barriers.

Promotion: Through self-service ordering machines, restaurants can easily set up promotions and recommend dishes to promote sales and enhance customer consumption experience.

Data analysis: Self-service ordering machines can collect customer ordering data, help understand customers’ ordering habits and preferences, and provide data support for subsequent menu adjustments and marketing.

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