Smart Rfid Card Library Multifunction Self Service Kiosk

Smart RFID card library multi-functional self-service kiosk is an important direction of library construction in recent years. It combines modern technology, intelligent management, self-service lending and other advantages to provide readers with more convenient and efficient service experience. Here are the advantages of this library kiosk:

Improve the efficiency of self-service borrowing: Through intelligent RFID technology, readers only need to place their ID card or reader card in the upper card reader to realize the operation of borrowing and returning books quickly, reducing the traditional manual operation links and improving the borrowing efficiency.

Rich and diverse service functions: The multi-functional self-service kiosk of the smart RFID card library can realize various functions such as online query of library collection information, borrowing record query, electronic resource retrieval, borrowing rankings, event announcements, etc., to meet readers’ diverse needs. , full-service needs.

Improve reading quality and experience: Self-service borrowing allows readers to borrow books they need at any time without being limited by time and place, reducing many cumbersome operations, allowing readers to focus on reading, and improving reading quality and experience.

Save money and manpower: Smart RFID card library multi-functional self-service kiosks can replace traditional manual borrowing and returning books, inquiry and other services, saving a lot of manpower and material costs, and can be used in unattended situations such as nights or holidays. Normal operation ensures uninterrupted library services.

To sum up, the emergence of smart RFID card library multi-functional self-service kiosks has brought efficient, convenient and high-quality service experience to the library, allowing readers to fully feel the many conveniences brought by modern technology to life.


Post time: Jun-21-2023