The Development Prospects Of Self-service Terminals

Traditional manual services are increasingly unable to satisfy people’s pursuit of efficiency. In order to realize people’s demand for high-quality and high-efficiency life in the information age, self-service terminals, which are the carriers of various information release and function expansion methods, will usher in opportunities for their vigorous development.

Self-service terminals are involved in a wide range of industries: the main application areas are the electric power sector, banks, air passenger transport, railway transportation, and government public departments. To a large extent, they provide considerable convenience for people’s lives, production and work, so In recent years, the country and industry have vigorously developed independent terminal equipment.

Based on the successful experience of foreign multimedia self-service terminals, the annual transaction volume of 7 million terminals in the United States, 5 million terminals in Japan, and 200,000 multimedia self-service terminals in Russia is 23 billion US dollars. Based on Chinese population base and the rapid advancement of the digitalization of urban life, the convenience needs of urban residents are rapidly expanding, and the convenience self-service terminal industry has just started, and the market prospects and development potential are huge.


Post time: Dec-31-2020