What Benefits Can Hospital Self-service Terminals Bring To People?

Now many hospitals have installed multi-functional self-service terminals for hospitals, which can achieve multiple functions such as card issuance, recharge, inquiry, and printing, without waiting for nurses to call numbers and repeat queuing.

With self-service terminals in hospitals, patients no longer have to worry about queuing up for registration and payment, and waste too much time. In addition to self-registration, you can also print inspection reports and pay fees through the self-service machine. It is very convenient. There is no need to run around and spend unnecessary time queuing, which saves a lot of time.

Hospitals are a relatively special place. There may be sources of infection and there are a large number of susceptible people. Patients, visitors, family members of patients, and medical workers are densely populated. Therefore, it is necessary to prevent nosocomial infections. Self-service terminals used in hospitals can avoid cross-infection to a certain extent after a certain amount of disinfection.

For patients, the use of hospital self-service terminals can not only save time and improve efficiency, but also for the hospital, it can effectively relieve the flow of people, but also reduce the pressure on the registration window, improve the efficiency of the hospital’s operation, and ensure the efficient and orderly operation of the hospital. Enhance the image of the hospital.


Post time: Apr-27-2021